La dona i el desenvolupament rural a Espanya, alternatives a l'activitat agrària. Una anàlisi des de la geografia del gènere

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The main purpose is to analyze the changing role of women in the economic activities of the rural areas in Spain. It is true that the survival of the family agriculture is clearly linked to women's work at the farm but it is also true that the agrarian active population is rapidly diminishing. Therefore, we are facing a profound process of economic and regional reestructuring in the rural areas and it seems that women's work is a key factor in this process. Our first aim is to evaluate in the statistics the underestimation of women's economic activity. Our second purpose is to study, through field work, those activities where women's work is more conspicuous, rural tourism, food processing and the informal industrial sector, specially work at home. Our third purpose is to analyze the different regional patterns of women's involvement in economic activity and their gender relation in four
Effective start/end date26/09/9126/09/94


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