La construcció de la ciutadania en l'ètica contemporània

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The construction of citizenship is one of the most central issues in contemporary Ethics and Political Philosophy. In the last years, moreover, current questions such as multiculturalism, globalization, immigration, and the rights of minorities have had a lot to do with this particular subject. The aim of contemporany Ethics consists in constructing a minimal Ethics or civic Ethics so as to make compatible all thses challenges of the present world with the idea of citizenship. However, most of these philosophical approaches to citizenship are focused only on merely juridical or constitutional aspects, grounded on rights, and for this reason they do no pay enough attention to other side, that is¡, duties and obligations of citiziens, in which these current mattes produce the highest difficulties. The purpose of this project to treat the normative issue of the citizen's duties with respect to other citizens. Without this issue, it is not possible to understand common life and the way in which these duties and their respective rights ought to be linked to social justice
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