La comunicació local en l'entorn digital a Espanya. Transformacions del sistema audiovisual local

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    The research aims to identify and analyse the main changes that digitalization has bought about in one of the fundamental axis in local communication in Spain: the local audio-visual system. Understood as basically local radio and television, a further media has begun to act in recent years: the Internet. Specifically, it is proposed to undertake analysis of the bussiness-organisational changes (types and dimensions of organizations, financing, contents, audiences), technological (broadcast technology or production and reception) and of regulation that are produced in local radio and television in Spain, and their consequences in the audio-visual system. The study aims to contribute to specialised knowledge in the adoption of public communication policies, and for viability of the majority of operators involved in local communication.
    Effective start/end date10/12/039/12/06


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