Jean Monnet Chair in European Policies (EUPOL)

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In times of crisis and uncertainty about the future of Europe, developing teaching and research on the EU as well as transferring knowledge to students, political elites and civil society on the central role played by the EU as a provider of public policies appear to be crucial. The main objective of this Jean Monnet Chair in European Policies consists of addressing EU contemporary challenges through the demonstration of its added value as a unique political organization. In terms of teaching, research and transfer contents, the ambition is to contribute to a better knowledge of the EU as a global provider of public policies and thus, as a key agent in daily lifes of European citizens. The perspective we propose is threefold. First, emphasis on the historical trascendency of the European Union as both a political and socio-economic project. Second, enlightenment of the complex system of government and governance of the EU. Third, demonstration of the scope and value of European public action across the different policy areas. This focus aims at giving European citizens a better knowledge on the meaning and trascendency of a united Europe, and by doing so, at reinforcing the basis of European legitimacy. Our targeted audience includes secundary and university students as well as civil society and political elites participating in the elaboration of EU public policies.
Effective start/end date1/09/1831/08/21


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