IT tools and methods for managing migration FLOWS

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The ITFLOWS project will officially start in mid-April 2020 and will last three years, in which tailored solutions will be proposed for professionals and governments in order to manage migration. On the one hand, the EUMigraTool (EMT) will be created, an innovative technology that will allow predicting where future migration flows will come from, to help distribute resources to organizations that work on the front line of the border, second-level reception agencies, and also municipalities. It will also provide the identification of risks of tensions between migrants and EU citizens to help local entities to strengthen the integration of migrants. An in-depth analysis of the factors driving migration, as well as public sentiment towards migration, will lead to the drafting of appropriate recommendations and good practices for policy-makers, governments and EU institutions.
Effective start/end date1/09/2031/08/23


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