Itàlia i la introducció de la medicina moderna a Espanya: l'aportació catalana (1675-1717)

  • Martínez Vidal, Àlvar (Principal Investigator)

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The aim of this projects is to follow the study in progress about the Spanish-Italian medical relationships. At this time, the research will be concentrated on the participation of Catalonia to the Spanish medical renovation. The period is delimitated by the constitution of the anatomical theatre of Barcelona in 1675 and the closure of the Catalan universities in 1717. The printed and manuscript works of the Catalan physicians of the Estudi General of Barcelona will be studied in order to analyse the different kinds of their galenism and to consider their relationships with the Italian scientific circles and their influence on other Spanish medical groups. At the end, the continuity or the rupture of the ties between the Spanish medical networks and the Catalan medicine during the reign of archduke Charles of Austria in the court of Barcelona, in the context of the Succession War, will b
Effective start/end date27/06/9427/06/96


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