Itàlia i la introducció de la medicina moderna a Espanya: de G. Juanini (1636-1691) a G. Cervi (1663-1748)

  • Martínez Vidal, Àlvar (Principal Investigator)

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The aim of this project is to describe, put in order, and assess the Italian participation in the Spanish medical renovation during the last decades in the reign of Carlos II de Austria, when the "novator" movement came into the public scene, and in the long reign of his successor, Felipe V de Borbón, which lasted almost all the first part of the eighteenth century. This medical connection -very important in the seventeenth century- was not interrupted by the new dinasty, the Borbons, but it remained vigorously troughout the next century. We assume that this via concerned primarily pathology and secondarily surgery, the opposite of the French influence. The outstanding figures who marked out the chosen periode are relevant example of the Italian influence, which was more profound in the court circles than in the traditional universities.
Effective start/end date15/06/9215/06/94


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