IPY-Geotraces a l'Àrtic: Radionúclids com traçadors del paper de gel marí en el transport, dispersió i acumulació de material particulat i espècies associades a l'Oceà Àrtic

  • Masque Barri, Pere (Principal Investigator)
  • Garcia Solsona, Ester (Scholar)
  • Verdeny Colominas, Elisabet (Scholar)
  • Bruach Menchen, Joan Manel (Researcher on contract)
  • Garcia Orellana, Jordi (Investigator)
  • Olid Garcia, Carolina (Investigator)
  • Sánchez Cabeza, Joan Albert (Investigator)
  • Mas Balbuena, José Luís (Investigator)

Project Details


The main objectives of the GEOTRACES program are the identification, characterisation and quantification the processes that regulate the distribution and biogeochemical cycles of trace elements and isotopes (TEIs) in the oceans and their sensitivity to changes in environmental conditions (...) This project attempts to first identify and quantify the processes that regulate the distribution of a suite of radionuclides (\super 7\nosuper Be, \super 137\nosuper Cs, \super 210\nosuper Po, \super 210\nosuper Pb, \super 230\nosuper Th, \super 231\nosuper Pa, \super 234\nosuper Th i Pu) in the Arctic Ocean, and in particular in relaion to the sea ice dynamics and its response to changing environmental conditions; secondly, to determine how these TEIs can be used as tracers of present and past oceanographic conditions and fs studies of contaminant dispersion. We pretend to: - Determine the relative importance of the processes by which this suite of TEI are accumulated by sea ice: in formation areas, by interception of atmospheric fluxes or by interaction with the surface waters of the ocean. - Determine the mechanisms and efficiency by which these TEI associate with particulate matter transported by sea ice and the degree of adsorption or desorption to/from particulate matter once released from sea ice in the water column. - Establish a reference distribution of the selected TEIs in the Arctic Ocean as a base line to evaluate past and future changes. - Investigate the feasibility of TEIs as tracers of processes in the Arctic Ocean, such as: estimation of transit times and origin of sea ice; quantification of the role of sea ice in the transport of particulate matter and chemical species through the Arctic Ocean; (...)
Effective start/end date1/10/0630/09/09


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