Integració europea i drets fonamentals: la recepció de la jurisprudència del Tribunal de Justícia de les Comunitats Europees i del Tribunal Europeu de Drets Humans en el sistema ...

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This project pretends: the study and sistematization of the European rights systems, which have a direct influence in the Spanish juridical regulation of fundamental rights. The Spanish Constitution requires to interprete the fundamental rights in accordance with the international treaties ratified by Spain, and there is still no work which connect the internal rights system with the ones established by the European law and the European Convention on Human Rights. In this sense, the integration in the internal level of the judicial doctrines of the two European courts must be born in mind. Especially, the one which happens in the judicial decisions of the Spanish Constitutional Court, which are binding for the ordinary courts. For this purpose, two subjects have to be studied: the great theroies drawn by the three courts which help to build the system of protection of fundamental rights,
Effective start/end date3/08/943/08/96


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