Integració europea i drets fonamentals: evolució i anàlisi de la recepció de la normativa i jurisprudència de la Unió Europea i del Consell d'Europa en el sistema jurídic espanyol.

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Starting from the outcomes which are being obtained throughout the realization of the PB93-0851 DGICYT project, this project pretends to advance in the effects in the Spanish legal system of the incorporation of Spain in the European Union and the Council of Europe, effects which are specially importants for the internal system of rights. When the general guide-lines of the European systems of rights and of the basic cosntructions of the European Court of Justice and of the European Court of Human Right have been determined, their evolution and application to the study of specific rights have to be examineed. In this way, constitutionally proper interpretation criteria can be presented to the legal actors for their application to pecific cases. All this results specially important in the years 1996-97, when a Intergovernmental Conference is prepared by the European Union to considerer th
Effective start/end date11/09/9611/09/99


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