Institucions i formes de poder a la Catalunya del segle XIX. Projecte per a l'elaboració d'una base de dades documental informatitzada

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This project proposes the creation of a documental database containing information about the formation, scope and action of the different political, administrative and institutional activities in Catalonia during the period of liberal government in the 19th century. For this, the documents to be processed will be firstly localized and identified; secondly, a model for an index card will be designed and an indexing language planned to be used as a thesaurus for the defining of the information; thirdly, all the documents will be scanned and, finally, all the data will be computerized and the documents set in order. The final goal of this project is clearly instrumental and purposed to serve as documental help for all kinds of research related to the political, social and administrative Catalan life in the 19th century.
Effective start/end date27/06/9427/05/97


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