Inhibint la polimerització amiloide: Recerca combinatorial d'una molècula cíclica capaç de neutralitzar la neurotoxicitat associada a la malaltia d'alzheimer

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Many of the transformations of traditional materials which have resulted in major improvements of their properties are based on the reduction of the dimensionality of the system to nanometric levels. This project will be based on the study of the basic properties induced by the nanostructuring process of functional, mainly magnetic, and structural materials. As for the functional magnetic materials, we will study in depth the correlation between the structural properties, resulting from nanostructuring, and the magnetic (or other) properties. This will allow us to tailor the properties towards specific applications, either by improving particular properties or by developing new processes. We will focus mainly in the ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic coupling, in order to reach a better understanding of the properties these nanocomposites, especially at high temperatures. Moreover, we will search for novel fabrication processes suitable for industrial scaling. Concerning structural materials, in the case of nanocomposites based on bulk metallic glasses, we will carry out a fundamental study of the length scale, the internal stress and the relative percentages of matrix and disperse phase, on the mechanical properties. We will determine how the different types of interfaces influence the ductilization with significative plastic deformations. Moreover, we will study the behavior of intemetallic alloys to correlate their microstructure with the magnetic and mechanical properties, aiming at finding non destructive techniques to evaluate and predict the possibility of failure.
Effective start/end date1/10/0430/09/05


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