INFORMACIÓ CUÀNTICA I TEMES AFINS (QUIRT): comunicació cuàntica, sistemes extensos, desigualtats de Bell, correlacions cuàntiques i no-localitat

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Quantum Information and related topics is currently one of the most active and promising fields of scientific researc. It includes areas such as quantum communication, quantum compulation and quantum cryptology, all of which are undergoing rapid and spectacular growth, as well as the construction of quantum algorithms and the analysis and application of quantum correlations ("entanglement"). There is extraordinary interest for this field both in the fundamental sciencie and in its manifold technological applications. Bell's inequalities, studied during the last decades, have reappeared with renewed interest as a consequence of the developments just mentioned. We propose to structure a new program on these subjects around our research ggroup. This group has been evolving from the field of theoretical particle physics, where it was well known, to quantum information topics of greatest interest in recent years. The objectives of our programme are: 1) Designing new strategies of communication and state estimation through quantum channels. 2) Analysisi of "entanglement" in distributed systems on the lattice and the use of these systems to analyze and optimaze the different tasks needed for quantum computing. 3) Characterization and quantification of "entanglement". Task oriented classification of "entanglement" 4) Establishment of new Bell's inequalities with strongly interacting kaons to close the so called "efficiency loophole"
Effective start/end date1/12/021/12/05


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