Influència dels paràmetres ambientals en l'estructura i composició de les comunitats microbianes d'ambients extrems. Tapets microbians del Delta de l'Ebre

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The microbial mats from the Ebro Delta are extreme environments subject to periods of inundation and dessecation, to high temperatures and salinity. Microorganisms livings in these conditions must adapt to extreme conditions of life. At the present moment we know part of the biodiversity, dinamycs and the nutrional status of the major populations from these comunities. The aim of the present project is to increase our knowledge of the \i in situ\i0 biodiversity and to determine the influence of physico-chemical parameters on the structure and composition of phototrophic bacterial populations. The study will compare the results obtained in the natural environment and in microcosmos, determining at the same time the production and consumption of toxic compounds and their role in pollution studies.
Effective start/end date1/10/981/10/01


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