Inestabilidad cromosómica y cáncer: cuantificación de la inestabilidad cromosómica en tumores primarios colorectales

  • Miró Ametller, Rosa (Principal Investigator)
  • Prat Pedrola, Ester (Scholar)
  • Rey Azpiri, Javier del (Scholar)
  • Ponsa Arjona, Immaculada (Investigator)

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Aneuploidy is a hallmark of cancer cells and it has been related to tumor agressiveness and poor outcome.In general, it has been accepted that aneuploidy is mostly caused by the presence of chromosomal instability (CIN). Nevertheless, werther the existence of the chromosomal instability is present in primary tumors has not been definitely demonstrated, and less is known about the molecular basis of the chromosomal instability. Moreover, only limited information on CIN can be obtained by using techniques that pool DNA. Hallmarks on chromosome instability: * Chromosomal instability has been defined as an increased rate of chromosome aberrations. * Chromosomal instability is by definition a matter of rate, and the existence of a mutation (state) provides no information about the rate of its occurrence. Thus, the existence of genetic alterationhs in a tumor does not mean tha t the tumor is genetically instable. The appraisal of chromosome instability as a mutation rate is feasible only in dynamic settings. Our group has measured for the first time chromosome instability in colorectal cancer cells lines by means of aplying centromeric FISH onto binucleated cells. The aneuploidy rate has not been described yet in primary tumors. Our group is interested in the assessment of such rate in colorectal primary tumors, specially in adenomas. Array-based CGH will measure the altered genome fraction, which will bring data about chromosomal alterations observed in a given point of the tumor development, and will stablish the relationship between the present tumor unbalances and the underlying mechanisms that cause them. The global aim of the present project is to demonstrate the existence of CIN in vivo. The specific aims include: 1. The study of 60 tumor samples including 15 adenomas and 45 carcinomas obatained from the bank of tumors of Hostpital Clínic de Barcelona. 2. Every sample will undergo a short culture and cytokineisi-block micronucleus assay combined (..)
Effective start/end date1/10/0731/01/11


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