Inducció de la reacció acrosòmica de l'espermatozoide humà; la seva valoració i aplicació clínica en individus infèrtils

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The object of this research is to analyse "in vitro" induction ofhuman sperm's basic acromosomic reaction. An evaluation of the rateof reaction on infertile patients will decide which technique (CAI,IVF) should be best undertaken for the successful pregnancy desiredby couples wanting a baby. By using inductors, the percentage ofcells undergoing the acromosomic reaction will increase, so thatthere will be a better success for the techniques of controlledreproduction. The process will be followed by light and electronmicroscopes. The studying of membrane proteins and lipids of thedouble layer by immunochemical and biophysical techniques will alsoprovide information on the sperm membranes' molecules and theirbehaviour.
Effective start/end date1/01/9131/12/93


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