Indicadores de dificultades en la escritura obtenidos mediante el estudio en curso (on line) del trazo gráfico.

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The difficulties in learning how to write constitute one of the most important foundations of scholar failure. This project aims to find early indicators helping to detect and to correct problems in handwriting, and to tell the difficulties due to a poor orthographic representation from those due to mechanical deficiencies in the programming of the grafomotor gesture. Two longitudinal studies will be carried out: one with preschool children (P4 and P5 of Initial cycle) and a second one with school children (1º and 2º of Primary Education). Children will write on a graphical tablet digitizer, which allows the measure of variables like speed, pressure, and amplitude of the outline during the writing, as well as pauses and strokes made in air, without contact with the paper. With the analysis of these measures we will obtain information on the units of representation (both of linguistic and mechanical kind) that children use for programming the grafomotor gesture. Taking into account the evolution of the linguistic representational units during handwriting learning, and the indicators of difficulties in the programming of the graphical gesture, we expect to set up measures of children's handwriting disfluencies and provide guidelines to design programs of intervention and remediation.
Effective start/end date1/10/0730/09/10


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