Index d'iconografia medieval del Rosselló, la Cerdanya i el Conflent.

  • Yarza Luaces, Jose Joaquin (Principal Investigator)
  • Melero Moneo, M. Luisa (Investigator)
  • Orriols Alsina, Anna (Investigator)
  • Rico Camps, Daniel (Investigator)
  • Boto Varela, Gerardo (Scholar)
  • Escandell Proust, Isabel (Investigator)

    Project Details


    This project aspires to carry out a thematic and photographic inventory of medieval works of art belonging to the Pyrenées-Roussillon geographical area. In order to attain this, it will be arranged: 1) a photographic archive of all medieval works of art belonging to the suggested area. Images will be entered into a laser videodisc recorder which will make easier their consultation and storage; 2) an informatized data base of all inventoried works. This data base could be connected with the picture archive; and 3) bibliographical file including exhaustively all publications dealing with works and subjects refered to.
    Effective start/end date1/08/951/08/98


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