Implementació d'una metodologia de disseny per a la integració de microsistemes en una arquitectura distribuïda

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The purpose of IDEA proposal is the implementation of a design methodology for the microsystems integration based on a distributes architecture. The main objectives for this project are: -To establish a work methodology for the microsystems development using a distributed architecture. -To define a distributed architecture for Microsystems that permits to add smart sensors/actuators in a modular way. -To integrate the microsytem by using a design flow that starts with a high-level hardware description language. This work will be validate developing a demonstrator that monitors the temple for Parkinson's illness by using accelerometers placed over the patient body. The data obtained in this way is digitalized and send by a dedicated bus to a PC for later analysis. The microsystems architecture to be developed will permit to integrate the sensors ioncluded in the demonstrator (mainly accelerometers). These sensors will be added with special drives which will make their interconnection easier
Effective start/end date1/12/0231/05/06


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