Impacte psicosocial i cultural de les innovacions tecnocientífiques

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This project aims to asses the psychosocial and cultural repercussions of technoscientific innovations linked to the development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT's). ICT's give rise to new ways of knowledge managament and of understanding social relationships, and this is why, many times, they work as lever to achieve both new forms of economic activity or new forms of social organization. In this sense, we believe absolutely pertinent to inquire into three aspects in the process of its social implementation that we consider more relevant: the public understanding of TIC's, the processes of its diffusion and the social transformations that they give rise. Indeed, we are going to asses the existing social perception about ICT's, identifying and describing the conceptions on science and technology affecting to understanding, acquisition and manipulation of technological innovation on the realm of communication and information. Likewise, we are going to study the impact of ICT's in the processes of social change and reproduction through the analysis of their effects in institutional settings give to them. That is, our study aims to show the close relationship among social and cultural dynamics and technoscientific innovations implementation. The originality and relevance of this project consist of showing how technoscientific innovations are closely related with: a) effects of social control and political consequences; b) increasing of efficiency in forms of human association; c) generation of new hierarchies of specialists and expert authority; d) substitution of some forms of social organization; e) production of new economic and political needs
Effective start/end date1/12/021/12/05


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