Immigració Comunitària: discriminació inversa

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Focusing on labour migration flows and those European retired people who decided to spend the last part of their life in Spain, this research proposal seeks both to render EU immigrants visible and to analyse its effect on the receving society. It es based upon two specific regions in Spain: whilst the analysis of the EU labour migration is located in Catalonia, the research into the settlement of retired people in Spain is placed in the Balears Community. In particular, the analysis of the EU labour migration is centred on three activity sectors, i.e automobile, metallurgic and, new technology enterprises. It is worth noting that this research proposal does not only include citizens originated from EU member countries, but also those from European countries entering in the EU with the forthcoming enlargement process. Concerning research methods, this study combines quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis. In particular, it is composed of four parts: 1) a series of 15 in-depth interviews to experts; 2) a questionnaire addressed to the staff members of four selected firms; 3) a series of focus groups within each firms and; a series of focus groups to retired people that will be selected following two criteria, i.e sex (man or woman) and country of origin ( Germany Britain or autochthonous)
Effective start/end date28/12/0127/12/04


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