Història i crítica de la novel.la a Catalunya (1862-1939).

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This is a proposed study of the novel in Catalonia between 1862 and 1939 from two perspectives: 1) a study of the novel as a literary genre, its evolution, trends and creative forms; and 2) a study of the novel as a social institution, its idelogical function and its poignancy on different social levels. From the literary angle, the objective is to analyse contemporary literary theory and criticism in Catalonia; the assesment of foreign theories, authors and works; the creative trends of the Catalan novel and its development; and the study of Catalan writers and works. From a historical and sociological point of view, an analysis can be formulated on the novel's ideological framework, and its interaction with different cultural issues, as well as its level of social penetration. The aim is to examine the intended readership, the world of publishing and its rellevance to the writer's prof
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