Hidrodinàmica a freqüències elevades i termodinàmica de no-equilibri

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Extended irreversible thermodynamics states a close relation between the high-frequency behaviour of hydrodynamic systems and their non-linear non-equilibrium state equations. In this project, the analysis of high frequency hydrodynamics leads us to discuss the foundations of present EIT's versions. Fast process description requires in principle an infinite number of variables. We will study several asymptotic schemes to incorporate the effects of such infinite sets of variables into effective relaxation times for usual fluxes. Furthermore, we will apply EIT schemes to the level of kinetic equations for distribution functions in situations where Botzmann's definition for entropy is no longer valid, with the aim to deepen into the formulation of the second law in non-equilibrium situations. The effective times obtained in the previous section have deep consequences on non-linear non-equil
Effective start/end date2/08/912/08/94


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