Grupo de Investigación de Microbiología Aplicada del Instituto de Biotecnología y de Biomedicina de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona - IBB-UAB

Project Details


Technology capabilities of the group:
-Design and production of proteins for biotechnological, biomedical and nanotechnological applications.
-Development of functional materials based on functional proteins for applications in drug and vaccine design, diagnostics and targeted therapies.
Group patents with the possibility of being licensed:
- Systems for sustained release of protein drugs, nanoparticles and functional proteins, in cosmetics and therapy (PCT / EP2018 / 069303).
Interest in finding industrial partners for:
- Development of sustained release systems of proteins and nanomaterials for cosmetics and therapy.
Interest in participating as partners in projects:
European and International Projects:
- Production of functional proteins and protein materials. Drug design for targeted protein-based therapies.
Collaboration with industry:
- Production of recombinant proteins in different expression systems.
- Development of protein-based sustained release systems for cosmetics, vaccination, diagnosis and therapy.
Effective start/end date1/01/0931/12/30


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