Gramàtica de l'expressió fonoestèsica i representació imaginativo-visual en el sistemes integrals de percepció de la veu

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    The development of this project will lead to the construction of generative models of human voice expression capable of reproducing the acoustic nuances which cause perceptions and imaginative-visual representations of the absent speaker (physical appearance and personality) and the positive or negative sensations produced by a voice (self assurance, doubt, credibility, dynamism, etc.). These models of human sound projection will be directly applicable to all processes of audio-visual communication; nonetheless, this research will be particularly useful for the development of those products of the communications industry which in their production process separate the voice from its original source: radio productions, dubbed products of cinema or television fiction, television programmes using the voice off (advertising, news, documentaries, etc.). The results of this line of research wil
    Effective start/end date13/07/8913/07/92


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