Gramàtica de les partícules de les llengües romàniques

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Following the studies carried out in Europe (especially in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal) about the Grammar of Romance Languages, this inter-departamental research group, which follows the framework of Functional Cognitive Linguistics and, in a more general way, the latest tendencies in Linguistic Typology and Functional Grammar, intends to carry out, firstly, a astudy of the discouse particles in Romance languages, in general, and in Spanish, Catalan and French, in particular, which must show, secondly, the main processes which take place not only in the languages mentioned above but also in every language of the world: grammaticalization, polysemy, synonymy, polifuncionality... We intend to give a new point of view in the intralinguistic and crosslinguistic study, in which following a comparative methodology we should be able to come to conclusions whose range goes beyond the, languages initially studied and that could be applied to even typologycally different languages. In addition to the theoretical interest that a research like this may have for the linguistic descriptions and epistemology, its application to multilingual contexts (as Catalonia or exico, where Spanish coexists with about a hundred amerindian languages and with many Spanish dialects) could be especially productive to analyse the linguistic and sociolinguistic effects of languages contact and can give a new point of view to translation and teaching and learning of languages
Effective start/end date1/12/021/12/05


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