Grafs i fraccions contínues en la codificació per a la correcció de múltiples errors en comunicacions digitals i la seva simulació en una Lan

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    In this project we propose the design of codes which will allow us to correct and/or detect many errors. We want to reach some codes with a complexity similar to Reed-Salomon codes. This kind of codes will be reached from the graph theory (Distance-Regular Graphs, Distance-Transitive Graphs), and the finite fields theory, by using techniques like the chinese remaindering or the continued fractions, but always by using these techniques from a point of view different from the normal one used in the classic algebraic decodification. The cryptographic tool tries to improve the well known sharing schemes by using the continued fractions technique to compute the main key starting from the users keys of the LAN. The simulation of the previous tools will be implemented in a LAN, in which a Markov chain will give us the error distribution of digital channel. First, we will do a statistical study
    Effective start/end date6/08/916/08/94


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