Funcions supermodulars en anàlisi econòmica: indivisibilitats i no convexitat

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This research project is intended to develop economic models containing indivisibilities or non-convexities, defined by supermodular functions. Especially, we will try to apply an important part of the theory of supermodular functions which has not been exploited in the economic literature up to now, including the equivalent to a separation theorem due to Frank and the submodular optimization theory developed by Fujishige. In particular we will study decentralization problems in production models with indivisible resources whose production functions are supermodular. To this purpose we will use the concept of subdifferential for submodular functions. Second, we intend to complet the mathematical theory of supermodular functions with those results which will reveal necessary for economic applications in the course of our research, given that this theory is not sufficiently developed by no
Effective start/end date26/05/9331/12/96


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