Funcionalitat de micobacteries ambientals de creixement ràpid com a agents antitumorals. Implicació de receptors Toll-like en el mecanisme d'activació i senyalització

  • Julian Gomez, Esther (Principal Investigator)
  • Agustí Adalida, Gemma (Scholar)
  • Luquin Fernandez, Marina de la Milagrosa (Investigator)
  • Fernández, Carmen (Investigator)

Project Details


(...) Objective: We aimed to determine the direct antitumoral activity by inhibiting the cell proliferation, and indirectly by activation of the biological response, caused by different rapid grower environmental mycobacteria. We will analyse the role of Toll-like receptors on their mechanism of action. Design: 1) Study of the direct antitumoral activity of different rapid grower environmental mycobacteria and determination of which of them are capable of inhibiting the cell proliferation of different tumoral cell lines, and their mechanism of action (...) 2) Evaluation of the capacity to activate macrophages (J744.1 cell line) by rapid grower environmental mycobacteria (...) 3) Analysis of the indirect antitumoral capacity of different mycobacteria which showed the most efficient results in the previous objectives of the project. Activation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells by the mycobacteria, and posterior co-cultures with tumoral cell lines. Evaluation of the cytotoxicity and the production of cytokines. 4) Study of the function of the Toll-like receptors in the mechanism of activation (...)
Effective start/end date1/10/0630/09/09


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