Fuentes Clásicas y Orientales sobre la Eurasia Central Preislámica

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This is an interdisciplinary project between senior and junior specialists in the fields of Classical Philology and Translation & Interpreting (Chinese). It includes three Professors of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, as well as one Doctor and two PhD students linked to the same university. The members of the project are specialised in different Cultural Traditions (Graeco-Latin, Iranian and Chinese), however each one of them is currently investigating the links between these Cultural Traditions and Preislamic Central Eurasia. Work will proceed along a main line of investigation, the preparation of a collective work, with the collaboration of all the members of the project. This collective work has the provisional title of "Introduction to the Sources on Preislamic Central Eurasia (8th c. B.C.-8th c. A.D.)". This project aims to develop research in a region that has been neglected in Spain, but for which an important tradition exists in neighbouring countries (Central Asian Studies, Études sur l'Asie Centrale, Zentralasienkunde), and to serve as a platform and starting point for researchers interested in different aspects of the archaeology, philology and history of the peoples and cultures of Preislamic Central Eurasia.
Effective start/end date1/10/0730/09/10


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