Fotoreceptors biològics: estudis estructurals

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This research project proposes to gain insight into several structural aspects of the purple membrane from "Halobacterium halobium" as well as its comparison, whenever possible, with the visual pigment rhodopsin. We will pursue the characterization of the cation binding sites at the atomic level; we will intend to determine the relationship between the membrane surface potential and the cation affinities; and we will assay to locate the five cation binding sites in the electron density projection of the membrane. Using high-resolution FTIR, we will study the conformational characteristics of bacteriorhodopsin and of rhodopsin in general and of the retinal environment in particular (including the photocycle intermediates L550 and M412 in bacteriorhodopsin and metarhodopsinII). This aims to correlate the conformational changes occurring in the proteins with the functional aspects of the me
Effective start/end date2/08/902/08/93


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