Formació de grups, organització i repartiment dels beneficis de la cooperació

  • Macho Stadler, Ines (Principal Investigator)
  • Camiña Centeno, Ester (Researcher on contract)
  • Socorro Quevedo, Maria Del Pilar (Researcher on contract)
  • Veszteg ., Robert Ferenc (Researcher on contract)
  • Martínez Giralt, Xavier (Investigator)
  • Olivella, Pau (Investigator)
  • Perez Castrillo, Jesus David (Investigator)

Project Details


The aim of this project is to understand why and how groups of economic agents arise, what contracts favor group formation, and what contracts or sharing mechanisms allow for a stable collaboration and participation in the benefits thus generated. We will tackle these questions using the tools of (cooperative and non cooperative) game theory as well as the models of industrial organization. This project considers different economic environments where group formation is a common phenomenon. Within each of them, there are different research lines where we expect to contribute with one or more publications. These research lines are related with the dynamics of group or coalition formation in general and, in particular, with the problems observed in mergers of firms, the mechanisms underlying the research joint ventures, the optimal organization of public services (such as health care), the establishment of environmental agreements, or the mechanisms favoring free trade
Effective start/end date28/11/0327/11/06


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