Forest Fire Spread Prevention and Mitigation - SPREAD

  • Margalef, Tomàs (Principal Investigator)
  • Cortes Fite, Ana (Investigator)
  • ALARCAO, Isabel (Investigator)
  • ALEXANDER, Martin (Investigator)
  • BASOCCU, Luigi (Investigator)
  • BRASSEL, Kurt E. (Investigator)
  • CORNER, Ray (Investigator)
  • DERMITZAKIS, Michael (Investigator)
  • GERARD, Jacky (Investigator)
  • GRACIA NAVARRO, Francisco (Investigator)
  • GUERRA, Jose (Investigator)
  • JOUCLA, Marc (Investigator)
  • LAVARDE, Patrick (Investigator)
  • LE BOZEC, Philippe (Investigator)
  • Le BOZEC (Investigator)
  • MARACCHI, Giampiero (Investigator)
  • MIELIKAEINEN, Kari (Investigator)
  • MILLAN, Millan (Investigator)
  • Mr. Viegas (Investigator)
  • NIKOLAIDIS, Alkinoos (Investigator)
  • PRIETO VILLAPUN, Juan Carlos (Investigator)
  • QUILES FLOR, Francisco Jose (Investigator)
  • RODA, Ferran (Investigator)
  • SABATAKAKIS, George (Investigator)
  • SCHIMEL, David S. (Investigator)
  • TARRACH SIEGEL, Rolf (Investigator)
  • WINTER, Rudolf (Investigator)

    Project Details


    SPREAD provides a framework for the development and implementation of an integrated forest fire management system for Europe. It will develop an end-to-end solution with inputs from Earth observation and meteorological data, information on the human dimension of fire risk, and assimilation of these data in fire prevention and fire behaviour models. It will provide new tools for fire management, in close collaboration with regional and national forest agencies, and new approaches to post-fire landscape management. SPREAD adopts a highly interdisciplinary and innovative approach that builds on the key scientific achievements of the contributing teams over the last decade. A strong management team will be responsible for integrating research across the project, for disseminating the research outputs, and for delivering the fire management system.
    Effective start/end date1/01/0231/12/04


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