Forest environmental monitoring and management system - FOREMMS

  • Luque Fadon, Emilio (Principal Investigator)
  • CRUZ CUEVA, Francesc (Investigator)
  • FINER, Leena (Investigator)
  • HALLIKAINEN, Martti (Investigator)
  • Istituto di Agrometeo e Analisi Ambien.Applicata all'Agri (Investigator)
  • Martin Maguire (Investigator)
  • PERROTT, William (Investigator)
  • SOLBERG, Rune (Investigator)
  • TATARELLI, Alfonso (Investigator)
  • WEZYK, Piotr (Investigator)

    Project Details


    The purpose of this project is to develop and demonstrate an advanced forest environmental monitoring and management system prototype. The operational version of the system is intended to be deployed all over Europe for monitoring forest vegetation resources at regional, national and international (European) scales in order to measure both man-induced and natural changes of the environmental status. The system will utilise and process from field personnel, automatic measurement stations, airborne sensors and satellite data of high and medium resolution with advanced algorithms. The detailed information is measured at point locations around Europe, and the low medium-resolution satellite data is used to extend the data, and will be further investigated with statistical and visualisation tools. The prototype to be developed in the project will be demonstrated at three locations covering the three major European forest types (northern boreal coniferous forest, continental temperate mixed forest and Mediterranean dry forests).

    Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/02


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