Flora Micològica Ibèrica V

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The specific objective for this project phase is the publication of eight monographs, corresponding to: Myxomycetes III. Stemonitales; Erysiphales; Laboulbeniales III. \i Mysgomyces/Zodiomyces;\i0 Aphyllophorales resupinados no poroides III. \i Paullicorticium/Xylobolus; \i0 Thelephorales I.\i Tomentella, Pseudotomentella, Tomentellopsis, Tomentellina, Tomentellastrum;\i0 Pluteaceae and "Jelly Fungi": Auriculariales, Dacrymycetales, Exobasidiales, Septobasidiales, Tremallales, Tulasnellales, Platygloeales. Besides this, cataloguing, distribution analysis, identification, publication of scrutinized catalogues and new recods and taxa, as well as scientific staff training continue to be project goals. These aims go together with in-deep morphological and molecular studies of selected taxa in Saprolegniales, Thelephorales, Dacrymycetales, Tremellales, Platygloeales, Ustilaginales, and Trychomycetes; which variability and relationship are not fully understood. Finally, two pilot activities are to be started in this phase: The study of the biology of strict parasites (Peronosporales, Platygloeales, Ustilaginales) to elucidte the circumscription several species, and the setting up of an integrated mycological information web service
Effective start/end date1/12/021/12/05


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