Fisiologia de l'estrès; interaccions rel/part aèria; regulació hormonal; ajust osmòtic; estrès per dèficit hídric, iònic i salí

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Our CAICYT project (PB85-0010) which is now finishing has provided important advances in the knowledge of water relations and hormone balances (ABA and polyamines) in plants under ion toxicity stress. The present project will be a further step integrating different stress types which affect plant roots, namely ion, drought and salt stress. Our working hypothesis makes special emphasis on hormonal regulation. We will intent to ascertain the role ABA, cytokinins and polyamines play in the root/shoot interactions of plants under those stress conditions. Our experimental findings on the correlations between hormones, water relations, stomatal function and growth will allow to establish the relative importance of these hormonal factors as chemical messengers which act as transducers of the stress signals from the root sensor to shoots. The knowledge of the correlation between these parameters
Effective start/end date13/07/8913/07/92


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