First euro-Mediterranean Topology meeting

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This project is an initiative of the Algebraic Topology teams at Barcelona, Milano and Paris. These were part of an European Network on Homotopy Theory and its Applications that started their activities in 1995 within the framework of the EC contract ERBCHRXCT940560 that lasted for 36 months. The aim of the projected meeting is to promote the continuation of the successful collaboration among the different teams of Algebraic Topology in Europe, open the scope to a wider range of interests by exploring new links with other disciplines and bring into the Network groups already established like the those of Poland and Israel and other emerging groups from Greece, Slovenia and North-Africa. Homotopy Theory is the central topic of the projected meeting. Algebraic Topology has been a major discipline within mathematical research during this century. New unexpected developments during the nineties have shown new directions and links of Homotopy Theory with other disciplines. A high contribution to the advance in this field is expected, especially due to the exchange of ideas between specialists in the following different sub-topics that have been proposed: - Homotopy theory: new developments of methods and techniques; - Homotopy theory in Algebraic Geometry; - Algebraic K-theory of rings and spaces; Topological Hochschild Homology; - Homotopy group theory and geometric group theory; - New developments, Discrete groups and infinite dimensional groups.
Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/02

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  • Sense entitat (lead)


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