Fenomenologia de partícules en acceleradors

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The main goal of our proposal is the analysis, in the context of recent theoretical models of particle physics, of the experimental results coming from working and projected accelerators. We are particularly interested in data coming from LEP1 and LEP2 (CERN), from planned B-factories and from lower energy e+e- machines such as the Frascati phi factory under construction, Daphne. We will also consider data from future hadron colliders (LHC, SSC). Theoretical models to be considered include the electroweak standard model, QCD and QCD-inspired ideas, such as the effective theory for heavy quarks, chiral perturbation theory and non-perturbative aspects of QCD. The experience of our team in these contexts and our connection with the different experimental groups seem to be solid enough to guarantee a successful research.
Effective start/end date18/05/9331/12/95


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