Federalisme, Igualtat i Diferència

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This research Project proposes the consolidation of a working group inside the Political and Social Sciences Institute (Institut de Ciències Polítiques i Socials, ICPS), devoted to the study of the ways that the Federal systems design to integrate the differences (national, social, economic, cultural) and at the same time guarantee equality among people and groups in a democratic society. The need of those mechanisms is a must due to the new questions federal systems have to face at the end of the 20th century: globalisation and multiculturalism; single and collective rights; democratic citizenship and respect to the differences. The consolidation of a group would allow to widen and reenforce that subject in the ICPS, deepening its stay in the "International Association of Centers for Federal Studies", that has shown its interest in the ICPS as its Spanish partenaire
Effective start/end date15/12/9715/12/00


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