Fecundació in vitro en caprino: desenvolupament "in vivo" i manipulació genètica d'embrions.

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    This study is a follow up of projects GAN-241 and AGF93-0560, the objectives of which were to put into practice in vitro fertilization (IVF), manipulation of embryos and cloning of genes in the goat. The main results obtained in recent years have been: 1) in vitro production of embryos in blastocyte state from oocytes from prepubertal goats; 2) the cloning and characterization of the beta-lactoglobulin and kappa-casein promoting areas of the goat, 3) obtaining transgenic mice which specifically express the beta-lactoglobin in the mammary gland. According to these results, the proposed objectives for the present study are: 1) to study the viability of embryos produced in vitro transferred to receiving goats 2) to optimize the levels of mammary gland levels of expression in the mammary gland of the genetic constructions obtained previously; 3) to adapt the techniques of micromanipulation i
    Effective start/end date1/07/961/07/99


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