Factors territorials de competitivitat a les activitats de nova economia sobre el desenvolupament local i urbà

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(...) The objectives proposed in this FACTNER project are a progress of the GENECESIG project (2002-2005) and they are specified next. First, the project wants to clarify the relation between new economy and regional and local sustainable development. Secondly, to realize the first point, this project analyzes the importance of those elements: (a) the new geography of the economic space, (b) the changes in the businesses, (c) the location and, (d) the policies. This is a transversal study in relation to the study areas, urban and rural mountain areas. In those areas the surrounding externalities are part of the new competitive determinants of location of economic activities. Thirdly, en base to the new economy, the objective of this project wants to define how the globalization and the knowledge economy start a new space-time paradigm. This has change the structure of the firms and the markets of the new geography. Finally, the fourth objective is focussed to define the new patterns of location, at the same time, new opportunities and threats for different regions. The results produce new questions and new tendencies such: How to construct a space that is simultaneously more equilibrated and polycentric?
Effective start/end date1/01/0630/09/09


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