Factors microeconòmics i macroeconòmics rellevants per a un desenvolupament sostenible i equilibrat

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The workteam will address four fields which should be contemplated in designing new macroeconomic models in Spain. The members of the project have already been working in those fields leading to several research and published outputs. The fields area close to four of the objectives included in the Plan Nacional de Estudios Sociales, Económicos y Culturales of microeconomic and macroeconomic nature: appraisal of environmental impact (4.1); models of transition and new forms of income policy assessment (7.1 and 7.3); regionalization of economic activity (6.1); and labour mobility and changes in working conditions (3.2). The joint research work in the Department of Applied Economics of the UAB generates sinergies, as the joint publications of the members of the team make clear.
Effective start/end date25/05/9331/12/95


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