Factors del creixement econòmic: capital humà, infraestructures i eficiència dels mercats

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(...) Specifically, the research addresses the study of human capital, infrastructures and market efficiency to growth contribution. (...) The study of the role of the stock of human capital relies on its measurement, employing a methodology that allows to relate its evolution with investement in education and experience. (...) The contribution of infrastructures is analyzed from different perspectives. We firstly evaluate the contribution of public capital stock to economic growth by including in the modelling wage determination processes. Additionally, we will carry out a quantification of the impact of infrastructures on the location of new economic activity, both in the manufacturing and services sectors. The third topic on the role of infrastructures aims at modelling the impact of urban form on transport demand, including the relationship between accessibility and labour market participation. (...) Finally, the efficiency analysis of the operation of the markets and their impact on economic growth focuses on the study of two types of markets that are considered as fundamental: labour and transport markets. The efficiency of the labour market is analyzed by quanfifying the importance of the long-term trade-off between inflation and unemployment, as well as the impact of institutional aspects on unemployment levels. In the case of transport we take the case of the rail market as an example to study the role of regulatory aspects. Our research will make it possible to determine the efficiency with which regulatory institutions operate in the market of commuter rail services, as well as modelling the working of the liberalised rail freight market (...).
Effective start/end date1/10/0630/09/09


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