Facilitació de l'aprenentatge i de la memòria en rates: electrofisiologia i neuroanatomia subcorticals

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    Our research team has established learning and memory facilitation models (two-way active avoidance) by means of post-training treatments with both intracranial self-stimulation and the platform method in rats. It has also been evidenced the existence of significant interactions between paradoxical sleep and learning and memory for the same kind of conditioning and animal species. Taking into account these results, this new project aims to identify the specifical conditions and neural subcortical mechanisms involved in those facilitatory processes or relations, especially emphasizing the function of those nuclei, such as the Parafascicularis, constituting a locus of neuroanatomical confluencein relation to the above-mentioned processes or treatments.
    Effective start/end date2/08/902/08/93


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