Explotació de dades i complementació del Diccionario crítico etimológico castellano e hispánico (DCECH) de J. Corominas i J.A. Pascual

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The project "Data exploitation and complementation of J. Corominas and J. Pascual `Diccionario crítico etimológico castellano e hispánico´" (DCECH, hereafter) constitutes the fourth phase of the informatization process of this dictionary. It started with the DGICYT project reference number PB98-0599 an continued with two DGICYT projects: PB95-0656 and PB98-0884. The present phase is crucial in order to complete the previous phases and, in particular, the phase immediately before, since the complementation tasks of the DCECH data were started with data from sources external to the dictionary which update the information contained in the DCECH. Once the informatization of the DCECH is finished, a phase of exploitation will be started and, in this phase, several research tasks of analysis will be developed with use of the data from the other databases. Therefore, the primary goals of this project will consist of, a) the complementation and update of the data from the DCECH by means of the data contained in other lexicographical and lexicological sources. b) research of the most relevant aspects with the exploitation of the data obtained in previous projects. We consider especially important the etymological, linguistic and documentarial data. Because of the magnitude of the project, all these goals will be developed within the frame of two subprojects. The group from the UAB will do one of the subprojects whose main task will be the study of etymology. The Universitat de Girona will be in charge of the other subproject which will investigate issues concerning the linguistic system. The final result of this project will provide with a data bank of Hispanic etymologies in informatic support with a management program adaptable to be used in CD-ROM, which its first version is ready.
Effective start/end date1/12/021/12/05

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  • Universitat de Girona


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