Evolució molecular d'elements genètics mòbils en híbrids interespecífics de \i Drosophila\i0

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The main purpose of this project is to get evidence that mobile elements (ME) are responsible for interspecific hybrid instability. Two "Drosophila" species, belonging to the repleta group: "D. buzzatii"(Db) and "D. koepferae" (Dk), will be used as material for their advantages, such as the availability of an extensive stock collection and detailed knowledge on their biogeographic distribution and their evolutionary history due to our previous laboratory research. Besides, our experiments have also shown that hybrids between Db and Dk produce male progeny with high frequencies of new chromosomal rearrangements. This project is a continuation of our present research in which several repleta specific ME clones have already been isolated and direct evidence of interspecific hybrid transposition has been obtained. Three specific aims are presented in this proposal: a) to isolate and to chara
Effective start/end date30/09/9130/09/94


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