Evaluación de las estrategias de cooperación y co-regulación en contextos educativos a través de tareas auténticas

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The research that we present aims firstly at elaborating a set of authentic evaluative tasks (well and ill structured problems, simple and complex), that fulfil the PISA requirements, and that allow us to build a reliable and valid instrument, useful to evaluate the co-regulation and cooperation mechanisms that students at the end of the compulsory education deploy. Secondly, using this instrument we will identify, analyse and categorize the most outstanding difficulties of these students regarding their cooperation strategies and abilities. Finally, based on the former analysis, we will design a set of metacognitive scaffolds, aimed towards the compensation of the students' needs, and we will test it with a sample of previously evaluated students so as to determine its efficacy in the improvement of students' cooperative strategies and abilities.
Effective start/end date1/10/0730/09/10


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