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The primary target group of students who this course is addressed to are non-EU citizens who have no previous knowledge about the functioning of the EU. The UAB is receiving a high number of applications from graduate students coming from China, Iran, Russia and several countries in Latin America every year to study a Masters, doctorate or postdoctoral programme that deals with EU matters. Despite it being a good indicator of the influence that the EU is having on third countries, the main obstacle the UAB encounters when assessing the learning and integration level of graduate students from non-EU countries is that most of them have no previous knowledge on EU matters. These students come from many different backgrounds and disciplines such as engineering, medicine, science, interpretation, economics, translation, etc. that they have completed in their country of origin. Since the majority of these students have never been taught subjects related to the EU, they often find it difficult to both understand the practicalities emerging from their residence in one of the EU Member States, and follow lectures at the UAB referring to EU policies and programmes.
Students with no previous knowledge on EU matters may encounter three main obstacles throughout their placement at the UAB: 1) They will not be able fully integrate and use all available resources and information for EU residents, 2) they will not be able to pass all these knowledge on EU values, rights and competences to their countries of origin at the end of their programmes, 3) they will have difficulties to follow some of the lectures of their programmes at the UAB, since it is often assumed that the audience has already some previous notions on EU matters. In particular, non-EU graduate students admitted in one of the several Masters degrees tackling EU issues are highly recommended to attend an intensive course on European Studies before the start of their respective Masters/Ph.D/postdoctoral programme.
Having students with no knowledge on EU studies is neither beneficial for the UAB nor for the idea of promoting EU knowledge beyond the European territory. Therefore, in order to be able to adapt to the new demands of non-EU students with no previous knowledge on EU matters, UAB staff members from different Master/doctoral/postdoctoral programmes find it crucial to establish a Jean Monnet Module in a form of a preliminary intensive course on European Union, that graduate students from non-EU countries could take before they can start the respective programmes.
The need for this Jean Monnet Module is thus evident. It will allow access to graduate students with previous no familiarity on EU matters - but with a clear interest to gain specific knowledge on it - to enrol on of the Masters, doctoral and postdoctoral programmes available at the UAB, by providing them with the basic knowledge necessary to follow the subsequent academic programmes. At the same time, it will increase the awareness on EU matters to non-EU persons who are interested in specializing on EU studies and apply that knowledge to their respective third countries.
Effective start/end date1/09/1931/08/22


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