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The theatre company La Fura dels Baus (established in 1979) started a creative foundation Fundaci?n ?pica to transfer -as informal
training- the lessons learnt during the many decades of organising successful and engaging performances. ?pica developed and
tested creative interaction methodology and their physical venue in Badalona (Spain) will host the proposed European Performing
Science Night.
The European Performing Science Night (EPSN) puts forth a science- expanding methodology based on the combination of scientific
excellence and performing arts as generators of faked realities and engagement. Through co-designed preparatory work leading to a
Night of Performing Science, the event will bring researchers closer to the general public (and vice versa). It will increase awareness
of what is research, its function in a democratic society, and its benefits for a diverse Europe.
EPSN proposes a wide range of innovation activities, with a view to supporting the public recognition of researchers, their work, and
the value it brings to society. EPSN will in itself be a scientific event, where research groups will deploy experiments with a broad
spectrum of civil society and science both online and face to face. Audiences will perform, in artistic terms, as subjects themselves in
experiments, taking part in both the tests during the event and expected results in the performaforum.
EPSN will test and demonstrate new methodological approaches to bring researchers closer to the public through an innovative
language based on the performing arts and new language tools for researchers, that is, 1 training to equip researchers with new
tools to deal with scientific communication; 2 the realization of artistic co-creation based on the work of researchers to show the
diversity of science and its impact on the daily lives of citizens, and 3 a round table -performaforum- after the performance
experience to promote open science and help stimulate interest in research careers.
AcronymEPSN 2021
Effective start/end date1/04/2131/10/21


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