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The "European e-manual for laryngeal surgery - medical e-university based on surgical video footage" project aims to create an innovative European e-book of laryngeal surgery, i.e. a collection of video recordings from live surgery sessions, creating a textbook of laryngeal surgery available online for free, for medical students and doctors from Europe and the whole world. It will be a kind of medical e-university based on video broadcasts of procedures and their recordings. Within the project, an Internet platform will be created which will enable conducting live sessions of surgery, gathering recordings of those sessions, as well as dividing those recordings into chapters and describing them, thus modelling the educational process. The project will include a series of live transmissions of surgery conducted by professors of medical universities in Poland, Germany and Spain, whose recordings will be published online in the form of a manual.
The project’s target group are students of medical universities and doctors, not only involved in the project, but from all over the world. The open character and open access to the created materials will allow the audience to learn from the best professors anytime, anywhere.
The results of the project will be the creation of an e-book of laryngeal surgery, available openly and free of charge for doctors and medical students. The hard results of the project will be: creation of an Internet platform that will enable live surgery sessions and recording of procedures, which will make it possible to create a meritorical description and publication of materials.
creation of an e-manual of laryngeal surgery, i.e. a series of recordings of procedures, which are a compendium of knowledge in the field of laryngeal surgery. The e-manual will contain 8-9 chapters on individual surgical techniques. Chapter 1 is a set of 6-10 basic operations of laryngoscopy (collection of samples, mapping). Chapter 2 is a set of 10-30
classical phonosurgery surgeries. Chapter 3 is a collection of a laser phonosurgery operations. The following chapters will contain about 10 films on the subjects of: (4) endoscopic surgery of epiglottis
and (5) glottis, dysphagia cancers (6), open laryngoplastic surgery (7) and laryngeal cancers (8).Chapter 9 will be a unique collection of surgical procedures, difficult to assign to other categories.
It is estimated that in the course of the project, about 100 educational materials will be published on the platform. After the end of the project, further recordings will be made to supplement the handbook
as new operating methods are developed. Further laryngological clinics are also planned to join in order to broaden the potential and increase the number of demonstration surgeries. It is also planned to extend the platform and prepare e-manuals from other areas of surgery.
The project will also develop statistical reports on the use of the e-manuals, showing the number of views of a given surgery or the geographical distribution of viewers. It should be emphasized that the proposed solution is innovative on a global scale, as the result will be a "living" manual, which will be supplemented with new recordings and new operating methods after the end of the project. We decided to implement the project in an international consortium, so that the educational materials would come from the best specialists in a given surgical method. Our target group is also international, which, coupled with free online availability, eliminates barriers in the access to knowledge, levels the playing field and raises the level of professionalism of future laryngology specialists.
Effective start/end date1/09/1931/12/22

Collaborative partners

  • Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PUMS)
  • Instytut Chemii Bioorganicznej PAN w Poznaniu (Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences) (lead)
  • Universität Duisburg-Essen
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)


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